Communal Space

Enjoy al fresco dining and check out our buzzing cafe through the extra-wide glass door designed for baby pram and wheelchair access.

O Happi Place Interior Design
O Happi Place Interior Design


Pause and recharge

Our cafe is dotted with a private collection of rare houseplants for your enjoyment. From time to time, we invite plant parents and local business start-ups for a pop-up to share their love for their creations.

O Happi Place Interior Design
O Happi Place Interior Design


How are you feeling today?

Find a space for yourself in our cafe for a moment of 'me time' or with your friends and family. We hope you will feel recharged after a cup of coffee, a gelato treat or a glass of cold drink.

O Happi Place Interior Design
O Happi Place Cafe

Sweet treats are made of this

Our waffles are well-loved by many for their crispy-buttery edges and fluffy texture to soak up the taste of our delicious gelato. Try our new Crofflato (Croffle meets Gelato) with your choice of maple, raspberry, gula melaka or caramel drizzle. We call them Sauces of Happiness.

O Happi Place Waffle

Read our reviews

Of the flavours that we tried, Lisa really liked the Bon Bon and Coconut with Kaffir Lime. Though not a fan of cocoa, the creamy hazelnut and chocolate with bits of waffle biscuit in the Bon Bon won her over. The Coconut with Kaffir Lime combines the creamy coconut confectionery with the zesty Kaffir lime fragrance which is reminiscent of Tom Kha Gai. The prettiest looking flavour that day was the Rose Lychee Raspberry that Leslie actually likes! It’s probably the rose flavour that reminds him of his favourite bandung drink that got him.

Seth Lui
"Their Ju Pu flavour (a combination of traditional pu’er and chrysanthemum). This has far been their most popular flavour – even selling out on several occasions."

Singapore Foodie
"One of the must-tries definitely has to be the Coconut with Kaffir Lime! Interestingly, it tastes exactly like tom yum, yet it still has the sweet element of the coconut to mild it down, making it really palatable! The kaffir lime gives a pleasant citrus taste and a slight chewiness for a good contrast of flavours and textures. You can even chew on the lime peels for an extra touch of bitterness! A truly refreshing take on your typical coconut ice cream that’s certain to satisfy even those who aren’t really fans of tom yum!."

Food King
"Just a five-minute-walk from Outram Park MRT station, getting to O Happi Place is hassle-free. If you’re driving, there is a multi-storey car park conveniently located beside the block, and there is a link bridge with leads directly to the cafe. Their array of unique flavours entices you to come back again to try a new one each time. Also, their simple yet impeccable design with botanical decor gives off homely vibes, making it easy to relax and unwind. O Happi Place is indeed a happy place for all." 

"For my gelato and waffle pairing, I opted for Matcha and Cereal Milk. Now this was proper matcha gelato that’s tough to come by in Singapore. Most times, I end up with matcha ice cream that sees the milkiness of the ice-cream overpowering the bitter notes of the matcha, which is disheartening for those who want to enjoy that matcha oomph. But O Happi Place’s version had deliciously strong and bitter notes that definitely satisfied the matcha lover in me."

"We also understood why the chrysanthemum pu'er flavour was sold out several times after trying it for ourselves. The traditionally hot beverages are translated into something cold and creamy with light but distinct tea notes, coming across as mildly sweet."

Alexis Cheong
"Ju Pu is one of their premium and signature ice cream, made with chrysanthemum and pu'er tea. You can really taste the premium-ness of the ingredients behind the ice cream. We've also tried Kopi-C and it tasted really like one, and also had the somewhat classic Lychee Rose Raspberry. There are other flavours like ondeh-ondeh and black sesame which I would like to go back to try next."

"Boasting an array of novel gelato flavours such as Ju Pu (Pu-er with chrysanthemum flowers), Kopi-C, Sake Melon, Yellow Capsicum, and Cereal Milk, it’s no wonder that the cafe has garnered quite a bit of attention."

Kopi Waffles
"O Happi Place is a hidden gelato parlour in the estate of Everton popular with its residents. It doesn’t just make your tastebuds “Happi”, but even the design of the little cafe is enough to bring a smile to your face. All gelato served at O Happi Place are slowly churned to retrieve the flavour essence. That means no artificial flavouring added and none of the things we can’t pronounce."

Secret Singapore
"The pretty café specialises in unique artisanal gelato flavours, alongside scrumptious waffles, handcrafted coffees, teas and more goodness. Complete with an indoor and alfresco dining area, pastel walls, bohemian wooden designs, houseplants and warm colours…it’s the perfect place to recharge. Certainly, there are plenty of instagrammable photo opportunities."

Daniel Food Diary
"Their premium selection is where it gets even more interesting. I was caught between Bon Bon, Kopi Bergamot Orange, Raspberry Cheesecake, Cereal Milk, and the Ju Pu flavours. The Bon Bon which is inspired by chocolate pralines, is what I would recommend for its smoothly-rich texture, bits of wafers probably more textural variety, with a distinct hazelnut taste. Lovely."

Sunday Times
Trending Food: New local ice cream and gelato flavours to beat the heat.

Eat Book
"Cronuts are so last season, but croffles have been a big food trend this year. O Happi Place’s latest addition to the menu is the Crofflato, a crossover between croissant, waffles, and gelato."

Cafe designed by Poiesis Architects. Photos by Form Practice.


Always something exciting and Happi at our cafe

Besides our creative menu, you will find curated pop-ups featuring small businesses. Follow us to get the lastest update of events. https://www.instagram.com/ohappiplace/